Emotional Intelligence Courses

EQ 4: Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Parent

Course Objectives

The aim of this is course is to help parents to become emotionally more intelligent. We will tackle areas such as developing better self awareness, better self management with emphasis on anger management at home. We will also look at how we can understand the children, read their emotions, be more empathic and hence develop better relationship.

Course content

  • Defining emotional intelligence
  • Introducing the components of emotional intelligence
  • Introducing different strategies to develop better self awareness
  • Introducing different strategies to better manage their emotions while dealing with their children
  • Introducing different strategies for anger management
  • How to read children’s gestures and emotions
  • How to be more empathic
  • How to appreciate all your efforts as a parent and be guilt free

Who should attend

  • Parents
  • school leaders
  • all those interested in child development

Course Structure

Presentation, discussions, practical activities, games, videos, meditation, exercises, reflection exercises.


Certificates will be issued to all attendees

Course Duration

5 hours

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