Welcome to Life Skills Edu

Our Mission

Helping children to be happy, smart and healthy.

Our Philosophy

We believe that children are the real asset we all have as parents or educators and every effort must be made to help these children grow as happy, healthy and smart individuals.

We believe that all children are different as the colours of the rainbow. Yet, they can all they can all blossom in their own way. Our role is to help them do so.

We believe that all learning has an emotional base and when emotions are well managed, there will be no learning blockage and learning will take place more smoothly.

We believe that children are entitled to the different emotions they have , yet we can support them in different ways to be happy and get their smile back.

We believe that all children are equal regardless of their color, religion, nationality or soci economic background.

Life Skills Education Program

Our program is designed by a team of highly qualified professionals lead by Shahnaz Bahman. Shahnaz Bahman is a renowned fully bilingual author, trainer and educational consultant. She is also a leader in the field of developing children’s emotional intelligence.

Her love for children, her believe in whole child education and her passion for all the work in emotional intelligence were the main drive for introducing Life Skills Education Program.

Through her work with different teachers, parents and schools she could touch many children’s lives and see real transformation in their social and emotional skills as well as their health habits. To Shahnaz, nothing can be more rewarding than making a real difference in a child’s life.