Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence & Health

Helping Children to be Happy, Smart and Healthy

Happiness is an inside job. It has nothing to do with what we have or what we do (apart from our basic needs). It has to do with our perceptions and how we handle and mange our emotions.

We want to help children to be happy, have well balanced perspectives, think positively, learn to manage their emotions appropriately and do well at school. We also believe that healthy minds and healthy bodies go together. Thus, we want to help children develop better health habits too.

Welcome to Life Skills Education Program

Life Skills Education is a growing program that aims at developing children’s emotional intelligence and health. It is built on a clear curriculum framework with clear standards and well defined learning objectives. It consists of two activity books i.e., Life Skills 1 & Life Skills 2 and many other resources for parents and teachers.

Through our inspiring and fun activities, we take the children through a beautiful journey of self discovery and self development. It is a journey worth investing because nothing is more rewarding than seeing children who are socially emotionally smart, happy, and healthy. Once children are healthy and emotionally intelligent they will definitely do better at school.

Life Skills 1 was nominated by The British Council in London for ELTon award in 2009 as a language learning resource. Life Skills 1 won the award of being one of the six top books in the ELTon international category. This logo was awarded to us in appreciation.