Testimonials From Parents

I have a wonderful son. He’s 8 years old. I went to see the school principal very concerned about my son’s reading abilities. During our discussion the principal felt that I was really frustrated and I’m kind of focusing only on my son’s negative side , including his reading difficulties.

After listening very carefully, she encouraged me to do unit 1 of Life Skills 1 book, titled “All about me”. I found the activities very interesting and kind of created a very good dialogue between me and my son on many different topics including, what he likes, what he dislikes, his areas of strength and those that need further development, his big dream etc… the whole experience was amazing ! It really created an opportunity for me to better understand my son. In fact, towards the end of the unit, I discovered that it was my negative perception about my son that was kind of getting in the way of his personality growth.

My son is a wonderful kid with a very kind heart, very good social skills and a big dream .


"As a result of LifeSkills' lessons I feel my daughter is now has better self awareness and emotionally more mature" -parent of Malak Mohsen

"I noticed that my daughter is not shy now and she can better express herself."

"My daughter benefited most from the problem solving activities. Yara now knows that she needs to get her problems solved , otherwise she will be sad for a long time"

Testimonials from Industry Professionals

Life skills 1 is a revolution in child education and development. I found the activities amazing and the choice of the main character Angelo stunning! This book is a great asset for children all over the world and for generations to come. If followed in schools globally, children no doubt will be happier,healthier and smarter.

Mona El Gezery
Consultant Psychiatrist

Too often our school texts focus only on developing a child's intellectual abilities . Knowledge,however, can be dangerous unless balanced with wisdom. Life Skills 1 provides this balance with a well organized and easy -to-use program incorporating art, music, self reflection and self expression. This is a refreshing addition to any classroom since students are naturally motivated to explore and express their emotions and values as well as their intellect ! Bravo !

William McBride, Ph.D.
International Reading Consultant
Author of Entertaining an Elephant

" Life Skills 1 is a great asset to all educators. It providers wonderful , interesting hands on learning opportunities through which we can teach and guide children in their quest for social,emotional and moral development. It's a very unique book and a wonderful resource for children, teachers and parents.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Fulaij
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychologyh and Consulting
Licensed Clinical Psychologist