Emotional Intelligences Courses

EQ 2: Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence through Life Skills classes

Course Objectives

The aim of this is course is to develop the participants’ awareness to the importance of developing children’s emotional intelligence and the different tools and strategies that can be used to achieve this. Here, reference will be made to the different activities introduced in Life skills books, teaching approach and the different tools and observation checklists that can be used to monitor children’s progress. This course is enriched with a lot fun and inspiring activities.

Course content

  • Defining emotional intelligence
  • Discussing the importance of emotional intelligence
  • Introducing the components of emotional intelligence
  • Introducing Life Skills curriculum
  • The teaching approach
  • Introducing different observation and assessment tools to monitor children’s progress

Who should attend?

  • school leaders
  • teachers
  • parents
  • all those interested in child development

Course Structure

Workshop, discussions, practical activities, games, reflection exercises.


Certificates will be issued to all attendees

Course Duration

5 hours

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