Tips for Parents


As we mentioned earlier,Life Skills aim at developing children’s emotional intelligence and health. Emotional intelligence is referred to as our ability of understanding ourselves, managing our selves, understanding others and managing our relationships with others. Health units provide children with opportunities to develop healthier habits and life style.

In unit one All About Me , we aim at developing children’s self awareness, to get them to better understand themselves. If you work closely with your child, this will be a very good opportunity for you to get to know your child more and perhaps build closer relationship. Here are a few tips for you!

Likes, Dislikes, Areas for Improvement

Give your child the opportunity to talk about things he is good ,things he is not so good at and things he wants to improve at. Try to listen to him without being judgmental or taking the opportunity to tell him what he should or shouldn’t do. Remember this a self discovery unit . It is important to give the child the opportunity to talk about what he feels or thinks, respecting what he says, and not blaming him for any shortcomings.

When it comes to what he wants to improve at, as him “ How can you do that?' Encourage him to think for himself and make his own decisions . Your role will be to support him to achieve his aims.

Sing with Angelo

Try to play the song in the car . These songs are very positive. Repeating the songs over and over can program your child’s brain , here in a very positive way ! This song helps them to feel good about themselves, and perhaps feel very special. Have some fun and sing with your child .

My Hobbies

The book also gives your child the opportunity to talk about his hobbies, practicing hobbies can be very good to keep the child actively busy and reduce his level of stress if he develops any during the day.

Home School Link

Through Life Skills units we are trying to create opportunities for the children to do some fun activities with their parents. This will enhance better relationship and will help parents to have better understanding of their children. So through this activity ,help your child to develop better self awareness, identifying /collecting what is special to him and then presenting it in class. Encourage the child to present it to you first, but don’t be too picky. Do not worry about any language mistakes or his presentation skills. Just listen to him with a nice smile and give him the confidence he needs. Avoid making him memories what he has to say. Just let him speak naturally and enjoy the activity.

My Big Goal

Research proves that children with goals can do better in school . It creates motivation for learning. Try to know your child’ goal/ dream job and respect it. Do not try to convince him with other jobs.

My Project

Towards the end of each unit, we have a project which puts together all the things that your child has been trying to learn in the unit. In this project, we want to give your child the opportunity to talk freely about themselves. This boost their self-esteem . Again, as a parent , encourage your child to present to you but avoid correcting him, just let him speak very naturally and freely. Show appreciation for his performance. At this stage we want to children’s self confidence and fluency. Don’t worry about accuracy, it will come gradually as the child’s self confidence develops.

Here’s What I Think

This is a very important page as it helps the child to reflect and have better understanding . It’s equally important for parents and teachers. It can indicate how the child thinks and feels about himself. As a parent, it will help you to have better understanding of your child ,appreciate his areas of strength and perhaps support him with areas that he needs further development/ support with. You can always go back to the teacher and discuss how you can both cooperate to support your child.