Life Skills 1

In Life skills, the children start their learning journey with Angelo, a friendly cute rabbit who makes their learning experience fun and exciting.

Through this journey, Angelo will help the children to:

  • develop their emotional literacy
  • develop better self awareness
  • learn how to deal with different emotions
  • learn how to manage their anger
  • have better relationship with themselves and others
  • boost their self confidence and self steam
  • learn how to win friends and maintain friendships
  • learn how to respect family members and show appreciation
  • develop their problem solving skills
  • develop their conflict resolution skills
  • encourage their creativity
  • learn how to deal with bullies
  • be empathic and understanding
  • keep safe at home, in school, on the road and in the car
  • learn to protect themselves against sexual harassment
  • eat healthy food and avoid junk food
  • learn to keep neat, clean and organized
  • learn to be responsible and look after themselves on many different levels
  • be self motivated and
  • improve their language skills as they learn and practice using the language in a very meaningful, purposeful and authentic way.

The above is more on general from. However, to see this on a more specific level, please read:

Life Skills 1 is a children's book packed full of educational and fun activities designed to develop the emotional intelligence of your child.