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Welcome to Life Skills Edu. Here is a selection of resources to help you implement the Life Skills course at your school.

Sample Letter For Parents

Dear Parents, As part of our endeavor of providing best education possible to your child, we at ( name of your school) have decided to introduce Life Skills classes to your child. This comes out of our strong belief in whole child education, which results into developing children’s character as well as their academics. Life Skills classes aim at developing children’s emotional intelligence and health. Emotional intelligence is referred to our ability of understanding ourselves, managing our selves, understanding others and managing our relationships with others. Health units provide children with opportunities to develop healthier habits and life style. As a school, being aware of all the challenges that children face in their real life situations, we find it absolutely necessary not to over look the importance of developing such skills, so that our children can have a very balanced character as well as being academically smart. For your child to get the best out of their Life Skills classes and to further develop these skills in their real life, your role as a parent becomes a vital one. To achieve this, we will keep updating you with our targets through a brief news letter clarifying what you can do at home to further develop your child’s emotional intelligence and health. Your child is your real asset in life. Treasure every minute you spend with them, making sure you play an active role in their overall growth. We do appreciate your continuous support and cooperation. With our best wishes always, Principal


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